‘She Was Coming Straight at Me': Car Crashes Into Braintree Barbershop

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A car smashed through the front door and window of a barbershop in Braintree, Massachusetts, narrowly missing the shop's owner.

Rick Buccini, who owns the shop on Grove Street, saw the crash happen right in front of him.

"It sounded like someone drag racing," said Buccini.

The shop is next to Stop & Shop in a shopping plaza.

"She was coming straight at me," Buccini said of the driver. "I ran to the back, and all the glass came in."

Witnesses say the driver had been parked when things started to unfold.

"The driver had reversed out of the parking spot and she seemed to pause for a little while," said witness Natalie Sands. "I was looking at her, I didn't know what she was doing."

And then it turned very dangerous.

"She reversed through the entire parking lot in a big circle and jumped the curve, hit the pole and sprang forward into the barbershop," Sands said.

Bricks and glass went flying everywhere.

"All the bottles in the store started to shake a little bit," said Joey Davis, who works at Liberty Wine & Spirits in the plaza. "It was like an earthquake. I instantly ran out, sprinted over, tried to rip the door off, some guy came over with a crow bar and we got the door off, we asked if she was alright."

First responders got the driver out.

Davis says the woman was partially thrown into the back seat, almost upside down.

Buccini says a short time before the crash, he had several children inside, but fortunately, no customers were around when the car barreled through.

"I feel bad for her, but thank God no one got hit, because she would have killed," said Buccini. "She was flying."

The driver had minor injuries, according to Braintree Police.

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