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FIRST ALERT: 2 Storms to Impact New England This Weekend

The heaviest snow with this first storm falls Saturday morning to midday, and then another storm comes calling Sunday night

Two storms will impact New England between Saturday morning and Monday morning, making for a busy and messy few days regionwide.

A disturbance that brought early morning snow to Connecticut Friday left sunshine behind and a rather comfortable afternoon with highs in the 30s and little wind.

The melting that results from daytime thawing will result in patchy Friday night black ice with a refreeze, but otherwise the weather will feature only increasing clouds ahead of the next storm center, expected to spread snow and mixed precipitation over Southern New England after midnight, from south to north, eventually reaching Central New England Saturday morning, but unlikely to spread much snow into the North Country.

The heaviest snow with this first storm falls Saturday morning to midday, tapering thereafter and gone except for flurries by mid-afternoon, after dropping 3 to 6 inches in much of the Boston area, greater amounts in Southeast New England with less to the north, and less on Cape Cod where some mixing with sleet and rain occurs.

After a breather Saturday late day through Sunday, another storm comes calling Sunday night, starting after dark and continuing through Monday morning, likely to bring delays and cancellations to start the new workweek with accumulations of snow to be determined but likely to bring plows out for most of us again.

Once again, the storm should move along, departing by later Monday and, this time, giving way to a few days of quieter but cold weather before perhaps another storm toward next weekend in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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