Someone Painted ‘Trump 2020' in 6 Places on This Mass. Highway

The Department of Transportation is working to remove the unauthorized graffiti

"Trump 2020" graffiti painted on Route 44 in Massachusetts
NBC10 Boston

The words "Trump 2020" were painted in bright yellow letters in several places along Route 44 in Massachusetts on Monday, aerial footage from NBC10 Boston shows.

A Department of Transportation representative confirmed that "additional markings" were found on the highway in six places in Carver and Middleborough.

The department was sending workers "to temporarily cover the markings as soon as possible," the department representative said in an email. The markings will later be permanently removed at night, to minimize the effect of the road work on traffic.

It's not yet clear who painted the markings or how. The messages are oriented perpendicular to the direction of travel, so motorists who come upon them would likely need to cock their heads to the side to read them.

Massachusetts laws and regulations prevent people from gaining access to highways without a permit. Officials say the Department of Transportation will remove unauthorized signs or structures reported on state highways.

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