Student Allegedly Brought Gun to Haverhill High School

The 16-year-old student allegedly fled after being approached by a security guard

Police searched backyards in Haverhill, Massachusetts, on Monday as they looked for a gun.

“I thought maybe I should stay in the house and keep the door locked,” said Dottie Collette.

The scene unfolded down the street from Haverhill High School, where investigators say a 16-year-old brought a gun to summer school Monday morning.

Someone at the school apparently saw the gun, and as a security guard approached the student, the teen took off into a residential neighborhood.

“I got scared,” said Beth Cornacchio. “I was coming from work and I was like ah, what is going on.”

The student was caught fairly quickly on Broadway, but the gun was never found.

“So I asked what they were looking for and they told me they were looking for a gun,” said Ray Collette. “Checking our rubbish containers, under bushes.”

The search for the weapon went on for hours.

While the search was taking place, summer school was dismissed.

There were hundreds of students around taking part in different programs, and a day camp as well.

Police investigating the case said there was no threat to the public.

"Our school is committed to the safety and education of all our students and we want to clearly communicate with parents about safety issues when they arise," Superintendent Margaret Marotta said in a statement. "We are fully investigating the situation and cooperating with the Haverhill Police and putting all the facts together."

It’s unknown why the teenager brought the gun to school, or what kind of charges he’ll be facing. He will be arraigned in juvenile court.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call 978-373-1212.

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