Sunshine, Spring Weather Returns

Dry, fresh air has swept across New England and the result is evident in both the look and feel -- splendid sunshine with an invigorating breeze sweeping through pleasant temperatures.

About the only thing a New Englander could complain about Tuesday would probably be the soaring pollen count and high ultraviolet index, making sneezing and sunburns more likely. But with highs around a room temperature 70 degrees and winds gusting to 40 mph (unlikely to do damage but enough to put a spring in our step), this is consummate New England spring weather.

Not only is Tuesday beautiful, but there’s good reason to believe we have rounded the bend into the warm season: a time for planting, pool opening and tuning up the air conditioner and boat. We unfold an exclusive 10-day forecast that keeps daily high temperatures either side of the lower 70s and nighttime lows safely above frost values.

So with that knowledge, our attention turns to sensible weather, which will have an impact on our daily plans. For the next few days, sunshine rules and the weather will be dry all the way through most of Thursday.

Thursday evening and night, a powerful upper-level storm dives southeast over New England and should prompt the development of rain and thunder. This will eventually organize into a strong storm south of Nova Scotia. Normally, a storm east of New England over the ocean this time of year means an onshore wind for cool clouds and drizzle.

That would happen on Friday if not for the fact that this storm seems so energetic, so strong, that it appears it should draw air into its center so quickly that the wind will blow from the northwest over New England on Friday. This will instead allow for sunshine, except for Northern mountain showers.

The jet stream winds that steer storms across the country will flow directly over New England this weekend, meaning multiple disturbances for the holiday weekend. However, all are likely to be quick moving and timing will be key for these.

At this point, we see no reason for too much worry, as the chance for scattered showers or thunder will be elevated Saturday, Sunday night and later Memorial Day if our estimate on timing of these disturbances is correct.

None appear to be a washout at this point.

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