Suspected ‘Peeping Tom' Arrested in Abington

John Furr is facing 5 counts of disorderly conduct

A Massachusetts man is facing charges after police say he was recently caught 'peeping' into the homes of female residents in Abington.

In the course of a few days, police said some residents in the Orange Street area had reported seeing a young man looking into their windows and hiding in their bushes at night.

When police responded, the man was nowhere to be found.

On Friday, police responded to a home in the area of Walnut Street and Centre Avenue and noticed footprints in the snow that led to the perimeter of the home and stopped at the living room window.

While doing a search of the area, officers spotted a man running towards the direction of Lake Street. The man, identified as John Furr, 18, of Abington, was taken into custody.

Following an investigation, Furr was charged with 5 counts of disorderly conduct (peeping tom). It's unclear when he will be arraigned on the charges.

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