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Temps Up And Down As Rains Come And Go

Records fell in parts of New England today. St. Johnsbury, VT hit 85 degrees, breaking the record of 85 set "way back" in 2015. Meantime, highs soared to 90 degrees in Lawrence, MA and near 90 in Metrowest.

While 80s may be more common these days in September, we're really pushing the limits of the heat these days. Tomorrow we'll stumble a bit as the numbers come down, thanks to a few more clouds and a steady south wind.

What remains of Florence - and it's a lot - is still spinning in Western North Carolina. Plumes of tropical rain are feeding into the circulation. A good amount of this will disperse or decay with time in the next day, but since the storm is getting scooped up by a fast-moving jet stream, the rain will be on our doorstep by Tuesday morning.

Latest forecasts keep at least some of the heavy rain intact as the storm crosses the Commonwealth. Expect the most intense and persistent downpours to target Northern Mass. and Southern New Hampshire on Tuesday afternoon. It's here that brief, localized flooding could become a problem into the evening drive. Stream rises will be abrupt, so watch out for rising water. Elsewhere, pockets of heavy rain could pass as well, but the primary focus for 2+ inches of rain seems to lie to the north of Boston.

A very sticky wind will blow in with the storm system too. Dew points will rise near or over 70 (super humid) as the winds gust from the southwest. And then, just as quickly as it arrived, it will move away Tuesday night.

In its wake are cooler temps and a ton of clouds. Heat may make a cameo by the end of the week.

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