The Climate Project: A Changing New England

Our NBC10 Boston weather team dives deep into the facts behind the changing climate

Last year finished in the history books as the third-hottest year on record. As a matter of fact, the five hottest years on record were in the last decade. What does this mean? This winter has already brought us sub-zero temperatures and a blizzard, with more snow on the way. How does this all connect? 

Our NBC10 Boston weather team dives deep into the facts behind this changing climate - specifically here in New England. We explore not only how all of this impacts our land, wildlife, and waters - but ultimately how this impacts you on a daily basis. 

Rising sea levels and warming waters not only create concerns on land, but also deep within the ocean. Michael Page takes us to Cape Cod where the life of a fisherman is changing. 

New approaches to the study of climate change peer into the past to see how much mankind has changed the planet.

Climate change has long been a subject of debate. Is it really happening? What causes it? Is there anything we can do about it? Pete Bouchard takes us to a special exhibit at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, where all of those questions are front and center. 

Plenty of work is going on in New England to study the different ways climate change is impacting us right in our own backyard. Jackie Layer introduces us to one program that’s working to make sure the next generation is ready to create change. 

The Arctic and Alaska are places where we’ve heard the rising temperatures are creating problems that impact us all - despite being so far away. Michael Page takes us to Woods Hole Research Center, where some surprising research shows us how all of this can impact the air we breathe. 

A look at the future of the Earth and humanity in a world of climate change.
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