Quiet Weather Won't Last Much Longer

It was a wild autumn. Warmth overwhelmed the Northeast and several windy storms battered the region. Now that we've started meteorological winter (Dec. 1 - Feb. 28), we're ready to turn the page to storms of a different sort. (I'll try to avoid the "s word" for those with sensitive psyches.)

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. There is one more big temp bump by the middle of next week. Another run at 60 is possible before the colder air arrives and we fret over storm tracks and rain/snow lines. (That's your second warning.)

In the meantime, the weekend is peaceful. Hardly a breeze with a slew of clouds and a little sun. Tides run high thanks to the full "supermoon" on Sunday. Could be some minor splash over/flooding from high tide on Sunday straight through Tuesday.

Speaking of that time frame, we will have a gusty wind from the south (that could aggravate the coastal flooding) to bring back the warmth. With a slowing front, several pulses of rain will be traveling northbound too. That should set us up for a good soaking by Wednesday.

Cold will slowly trickle in over the following days. By the weekend, we'll fall to the upper 30s for highs. Still not cold enough for you? Well there are signs that even colder temps may be in the offing for the subsequent week.

A big pattern change will drop a series of cold airmasses our way up until Christmas. With the jet stream configured to form coastal storms, we're going to be on the tips of our toes up until that point. While we haven't had a truly white Christmas in Southern New England in years, the tide may be turning with the arrival of this pattern change. (Third and final warning.)

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