Thunderstorms Bring Heavy Rain, Isolated Damage Across New England

A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued in southern Connecticut.

Alerts have been posted for Central Fairfield County, and are in effect until 9:15 p.m.

Quarter-sized hail was forecast in this region, which could cause minor damage to vehicles. Wind gusts may reach up to 60 miles per hour, risking damage to trees and power lines.

Parts of western and far northern New England dealt with strong to severe thunderstorms Saturday afternoon. The storms were also slow-moving, producing very heavy rain. Damage reports were isolated, but a few locations saw trees down and a handful of communities experienced hail.

Sunday will be similar to Saturday. It’s possible that we could see one or two thunderstorms, but they won’t be as widespread as they were Saturday. Temperatures will climb into the low 80s.

Monday looks beautiful. We are expecting sunshine and low humidity with seasonable temperatures in the low 80s.

Around midweek, our weather will turn active. There are numerous severe weather red flags that are showing up. We won’t dive into the science of it, but be on guard for strong thunderstorms as early as Tuesday through Friday. It’s too early to tell how widespread the activity will be, but strong thunderstorms are a good bet during that time frame. Temperatures will be in the 80s to low 90s with high levels of humidity.

Once the storms clear, we are expecting beautiful weather by next weekend! Temperatures will cool in the upper 70s, humidity levels will be low and the sun will be shining. Get ready for an amazing stretch of weather!

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