Tips for Adding Another Pet to Your Family

For the past five year, Rio ruled the roost. In June, that changed.

New Hampshire SPCA adoption counselor Monica Yanosick decided to bring home Beau, an abandoned cat.

The first bit of advice is to determine the temperament of your resident animal before adopting another. She says you've got to make sure there's a possibility of the two getting along.

If you're introducing a new dog to your resident dog, Yanosick says that should be done outside in a neutral area. But, if you're bringing a cat into a home with a dog, that introduction should be made inside.

Yanosick says the cat should be kept separated from other animals for at least a couple weeks.

Even when the pets start to cohabitate, Yanosick says when there's no supervision, the animals still should be separated. She says if there's ever a physical altercation, don't panic. Just be prepared.

Yanosick says don't get discouraged. Commit to making it work, and eventually, it will. 

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