Tom Brady Speaks Out on Concussions, CTE

Tom Brady is not interested in talking about his concussion history.

At training camp Friday, the New England Patriots quarterback was asked about concussions, CTE, how long he plans to keep playing, and turning 40. It was the first time he's addressed the media held since the Super Bowl in February.

One of the first questions he was asked pertained to comments his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, made earlier this year on "CBS This Morning" about how Brady sustained a concussion last season.

"I don't want to get into things that happened in my past, certainly my medical history and so forth," Brady said. "I really don't think that's anybody's business, what happened last year."

"I'm focused on this year and working on things I need to get better at. That's how I approach everything. I'm not sitting out here worrying about last year or five years ago. There's other people that do worry about that - my wife, or my parents, or my sisters, or people that love me and care about me, but I do the best I can to come out and be prepared to play mentally and physically. I give the game everything I can."

He also addressed a recent study of more than 100 deceased NFL players that showed nearly all of them had CTE.

"I'm confident in what I do, the things I do and the way I train, but it's a contact sport," Brady said. "I think we all understand that... Obviously, it's great that there's more awareness. I try to be proactive and take care of my body the best I can."

He said it's still early, but he likes what he's seen from the team so far, praising newly acquired wide receiver Brandin Cooks and longtime teammate Rob Gronkowski.

Brady celebrated his 40th birthday with players, thousands of fans and a few goats during training camp on Thursday. He said backup quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett even gave him a cake.

"Jacoby wrote 'old' on it as my age," he said, laughing. "They certainly have a lot of fun." 

Asked how long he plans on playing, Brady stuck with his previously stated aim of playing until his mid-40s.

"That's a pretty good goal," he said. "We'll see when I get there."

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