Train Crash Leaves Car Mangled in Ashland

NBCUniversal, Inc.

A man and his grandson experienced a close call Thursday when the car they were in was hit by an MBTA Commuter Rail train in Ashland, Massachusetts.

The crash happened at the tail end of the evening rush hour on Main Street, where a train from the Framingham-Worcester Line hit a car, leaving it mangled.

Officials said late Thursday that a grandfather and grandson got lost and flagged down firefighters from a nearby fire station for help. They were not in the car when the train hit it, and no one on board the train was hurt.

Those inside the train posted on social media that they had no idea what happened.

The car was eventually towed away.

Train engineers tested the track, eventually reopening everything to traffic.

The train was finally about to continue on to Worcester after about two hours. There were about a dozen passengers still inside when it left.

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