Turning Up the Heat

June has been a big faceplant so far, but the signs of a turnaround are very apparent:

1) Our Greenland Block is gone (caused us to be chilly)

2) Deep low will form in the North Pacific (shifts cool air to the West)

3) The Bermuda High will establish itself on the Eastern Seaboard

The last point is what all the warm weather-lovers have been waiting for. As one of the semi-permanent high pressure systems of summer, the Bermuda High is responsible for our heat waves and our humidity.

And there are signs it may have staying power. After a brief cool down late next week, some more heat may seep in during the long term (late month).

In the meantime, we dodge a coastal storm tonight. Showers reach up to the South Shore as the storm pivots offshore. Those on the Cape and Islands are not really dodging it, but aren't necessarily getting a direct hit either. All of the rain exits early tomorrow as our attention turns to developing storms in the afternoon to our northwest.

Some may roam all the way to the coast by evening. A few hits, a few misses. Keep an eye to the sky.

Then the weekend...and the heat. We'll be downright sweltering by Sunday - the first day of a potential heat wave. Humidity shows up on Monday and peaks Tuesday. Dig out the beach chair...summer is here!

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