UPS Driver Catches Package Thief

Edwin Jones has been delivering packages for UPS for 10 years and on Wednesday when a thief took a package right in front of him on Worcester Square in Boston’s South End, it made him mad.

“I was sort of upset at how he did it. He took it right in front of my face when I was working and answered out to him and he still kept running.” Jones didn’t give it a second thought, he ran after the thief.

“We saw this guy running through the park. It was kind of bizarre and there’s yelling and another man coming after him,” says neighbor Stephanie Walt. She was at Blackstone Park and says, “I was like, is that a UPS man chasing him, and our neighbor says, ‘I think that’s our UPS guy’.”

Jones says he knew he would catch up to the man, as a former two-mile champ when he was a kid, he says, “I could tell he was out of breath. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, so you know, I knew it was only a matter of time before he’d run out of energy and that’s what he did and that’s when I caught him.”

Jones not only caught up to the guy, he got the package and made the delivery. “When we got back here, the UPS guys is running up our street, covered in sweat, drenched, saying, ‘don’t worry, I got your package back,” says Walt.

For Jones he says it was just another day on the job and just wanted to make sure his packages got delivered.

“Since I’ve been here, there have been so many incidents of people losing packages. So when that happen, I thought he’s probably one of the main reasons these packages are taken in this area, and that’s why I really want to get him,” says Jones.

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