Harmony Montgomery

Volunteers Searching for Harmony Montgomery: ‘Most Important Thing Is Trying to Bring Her Home'

Harmony Montgomery hasn't been seen since 2019

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The search for Harmony Montgomery continued Saturday in Manchester, New Hampshire, as a group of volunteers came together to search for clues in the little girl's disappearance.

Harmony hasn't been seen since 2019, and her mother, Crystal Sorey, is afraid the case has stalled. That’s why she’s working with concerned community members to do more as police continue with their own investigation into Harmony's disappearance.

Dozens of volunteers gathered early Saturday morning to privately search a wooded area off of Second Street. According to family members, the area is known to Harmony's father, Adam Montgomery.

“We’re just looking for clues, something that might give us an answer,” said volunteer Annie Vega.

The Manchester Police Department says it is working every day to investigate the disappearance of Harmony Montgomery, but her mother says she is concerned about the lack of progress.

According to Saturday's search organizer, a former law enforcement officer was overseeing this on-the-ground effort.

“We’re not seeing activity from the police and they have limited resources, and if there's something we can do so resources can focus someplace else, we'll do that," Regina Carr said. "We are not professionals, so that's why we reached out to a former law enforcement officer so we would know how to do this.”

Volunteers were hoping to locate any evidence, like a cell phone that might have belonged to Adam Montgomery or any monogrammed personal items belonging to Harmony.

“Not knowing is really the hardest part of all of this," Sorey said, "so we just really want to find anything at this point.”

Harmony's mom is still asking police to do more.

New Hampshire officials are recommending systematic changes following the disappearance of Harmony Montgomery.

Adam Montgomery was arrested in January and is still refusing to provide information about where his daughter is. Harmony was last seen in 2019 but wasn't reported missing until two years later.

“It's a real sad situation. The system failed. Bad. And it’s sad,” said Harmony's uncle Joshua West. "But the most important thing is trying to bring her home.”

“I’m so grateful for everybody coming and showing their support and their love, and just trying to help bring us some type of peace and justice,” Sorey said.

Volunteers were planning to search the area all day Saturday and said if they didn't find anything, they would move on to another spot until Harmony is found.

The reward to find Harmony has reached $150,000. Anyone with information is asked to call the tip line at 603-203-6060.

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