Warm Temperatures and Blue Skies Make for a Great Weekend

Generally the forecast for Saturday is sunny and 80°, closer to 70° at the beach.

It’s here, the weekend we’ve been waiting for.

Even a little bit better than the Memorial Day weekend, because this time there is no rain in the forecast. The sun is higher in the sky, with humidity and temperatures just about perfect. At least that’s our opinion.

High pressure from Canada is in control, that means sinking air with blue sky and just a few fair-weather clouds. Prepare for the sun, as the burn factor is close to a 10 out of 10. Great lemonade weather. Great weather for the Pride Parade in Boston. If you're attending we recommend wearing thin layers and a sun hat. Even though the temperature near Logan airport may only be 70° it’s going to feel a lot warmer than that on the streets of Boston with the sun high in the sky and little wind.

Generally the forecast for Saturday is sunny and 80°, closer to 70° at the beach.

And now the Atlantic Ocean water temperature around Massachusetts Bay and points south and west is close to 60°, still in the 50s on the coast of New Hampshire and Maine.

Near calm air inland by this Saturday afternoon, locally onshore 10 to 15 miles an hour at the beach.

Mostly clear with almost no wind Saturday night, and low humidity means we can cool dramatically to the 40s and 50s south, and 30s and 40s north by sunrise Sunday.

Our Sunday weather is almost the same exact as today, again near 80°, probably a little bit warmer than today, including at the beach.

A sprawling weather system to our south gradually moves in our direction over the next three days, but will take until late Monday or Monday night to bring some showers in here. There’s also a system well to our west, that will come in the second half of next week. So the early call is for some rain on Tuesday, then cooler and drier Wednesday, and then a chance of showers and thunderstorms Thursday.

Stay ahead of it all with our First Alert 10-Day forecast.

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