Warm Temps to Plummet After Start of Spring

Welcome to Spring! Temperatures started off slightly above average. The high in Boston was in the low 50s. Tuesday will be just as nice – sunny skies and mild.

But don't get used to it! Our theme of below average temperatures will continue. So far, in March, temperatures are 5.2 degrees below average.

We could see record cold air return mid-week! Temperatures will struggle to climb out of the 20s on Wednesday (and perhaps Thursday). The air moving in is coming directly from the North Pole. This cold snap will be relatively short-lived, we warm into the 40s and 50s by Friday and Saturday.

Starting Sunday, we will see the "battle of the air masses" — warm air from the south and cold air from Canada will collide over New England. Typically, that means precipitation. Our weather will turn unsettled as early as Saturday.

It appears our unsettled stretch starts wet, but could end white for some. Snow is possible beginning Sunday and lingering into the day on Monday.

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