Boston Fire Department

200 Residents Evacuated From 10-Story Allston Residence After Water Leak

Some residents suffered minor burns from a burst hot water pipe early Wednesday morning

A high-rise building housing 200 people was evacuated early Wednesday after a major water leak, according to authorities.
Some residents suffered minor burns when a hot water pipe burst around midnight on the fifth floor of a building at 15 North Beacon St. in Allston, Deputy Boston Fire Chief Stephen McNeil said.SomSome 

Some 200 people were forced to evacuate a 10-story residential building in Boston early Wednesday after a water main break caused a chaotic scene, authorities said.

Authorities said a tenant on the fourth floor of 11-15 North Beacon St. in Allston was replacing a kitchen faucet around midnight when a high-pressure water line ruptured, leaving the resident with minor burns.  

Inspectors who arrived on the scene found the leak had spread to adjacent floors and ordered the electricity to be shut off. Water was also shut down. 

MBTA buses arrived on the scene to shuttle displaced residents to the Jackson Mann School, the Boston Fire Department said.

The Inspectional Services Department said most residents would be able to return by 5:00 p.m. Tuesday. 

The fire department said it assisted those who needed to collect pets, medication or keys from inside the building.

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