Webster Teacher Accused of Assaulting Students

Michael Harpin, a special education teacher at Bartlet High School in Webster, is being charged with six counts of assault and battery and one count of assault after six female students complained to police he inappropriately touched them.

Many of the students are in tenth grade and are either 15 or 16 years old.

Harpin has been a teacher in Webster since 2008. The students accuse him of touching their back and shoulders when asking for help, staring at them and making provocative comments about their outfits.

One student also complained of Harpin touching their thigh and not wanting to return to school due to the discomfort they felt in his classroom.

Harpin declined to do an interview after his hearing Tuesday. His neighbors are surprised to hear of the allegations.

"It's not right. At all. But more and more of it's coming out. I'd definitely not be comfortable in class. I wouldn't be ok with it. Happy I don't have a daughter," said neighbor Tracey Campbell.

Harpin will be back in court on June 19th.

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