Weymouth Gas Station Employee Hit by SUV Dies: Police

The Massachusetts gas station employee who was on life support after he was hit by an SUV at work has died from his injuries, according to authorities.

The Weymouth Police Department announced Tuesday that 64-year-old Majid "Mike" Hamade succumbed to his injuries. He was critically injured during a pedestrian crash on July 15 at the Mobil gas station he worked.

Surveillance video shows the moments before Hamade was struck at his job Monday night in Weymouth. He was taken to South Shore Hospital, where he remained on life support through his death. 

The woman driving the SUV stayed on the scene. The manager says she was dropping her SUV off to be serviced when the crash happened. It is unclear if she will face any charges in connection to the death.

"Nothing we can do. Nobody meant it and the lady — she knows him and was very sad because he was really nice with her," the manager of the Mobil said. "Bad luck for us and bad luck for her."

Hamade is the same clerk who was brutally assaulted on the job during a robbery in January. During the attack, the Mobil employee was pistol-whipped as three robbers assaulted him. He returned to work the very next day.

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