Meet Miranda! DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Introduces Baby Daughter on ‘Today' Show

Muriel Bowser is the first single mother to be mayor of D.C.

Introducing the District's most-talked-about baby.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser introduced her baby daughter, Miranda Elizabeth Bowser, and spoke about motherhood in an exclusive "Today" show interview that aired Thursday morning. News4 spoke with Bowser on Wednesday about that interview and this new phase in her life.

Footage shows a little girl dressed in pink, with a full head of dark hair.

More than three months have passed since the mayor announced in May that she became a new mom through adoption, making her the first single mother to be mayor of D.C. After the announcement, Bowser was private about the adoption, never releasing a photo of the baby.

By the end of the summer, she said the time was right to share a glimpse of Miranda with the world. Bowser said she knew Hoda Kotb, another single mom with a busy schedule, was the right person to help introduce her daughter. 

"Her story meant so much to me and, I know, a lot of women," Bowser said.

In Kotb's interview with Bowser, she asks about the moment Miranda was placed in Bowser's arms.

"The moment that really sticks out to me was literally looking down at Miranda and those just, those eyes looking back at me, and knowing that I was her entire world. And when I had that feeling, I knew that we would be together forever," the mayor said, grinning.

"When she looked at you, what did you see in those eyes?" Kotb asked.

"I just saw, I saw my baby girl. I had no hesitation. The feeling was that it was gonna be the two of us, and we would make it in the world," Bowser replied.

The mayor declined to answer questions about the adoption process or her relationship with Miranda's birth parents.

"I was grateful to be matched with a family, and now I have Miranda," she said.

She also declined to talk about why she wanted to become a single mom in her mid-40s.

"I think D.C. was eager to have a first daughter," she said

The mayor said that becoming a mother has helped her, as a legislator, better understand parenting. She's planning to host a summit of mayors on how to help mothers before and after childbirth.

The mayor worked a limited schedule over the summer, during the D.C. Council's recess. But that's about to end. Bowser said she has a nanny, and her parents help.

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