Shocking Video Captures Semi Truck Spin Out of Control on Icy Maine Road

In dashboard camera video viewed hundreds of thousands of times, a tractor-trailer can be seen spinning out near other vehicles stopped during hazardous travel conditions last Friday in New Sharon, Maine

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A terrifying video of a truck crash in Maine has received hundreds of thousands of views.

The incident happened last Friday in New Sharon, which is near Farmington, and was captured on a dashboard camera by Julia Burdin.

According to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, 41-year-old Jean Fanfan of Raynham, Massachusetts, was driving a tractor-trailer on Mile Hill Road when he encountered the same ice that had brought other drivers to a halt.

Freezing rain had suddenly made travel conditions hazardous, prompting Burdin, another driver identified by the sheriff as Nancy Lloyd, Ruben Campbell and Wyatt Campbell to pull over to the side of the road.

All of them except for Burdin were outside their vehicles.

It was at that point that Fanfan lost control of the tractor-trailer, which spun in a half-circle on the street, knocking Ruben Campbell over and hitting Burdin's car, Lloyd's car and the truck the Campbells had been in.

Lloyd had tried to dive underneath the trailer as it came toward her.

"It was like a confetti bomb of metal just flying everywhere," said Burdin during a Wednesday interview with NECN and NBC10 Boston. "My father is a retired truck driver … and I had been on rides with him across the country where I had seen really bad accidents, a lot of people don't make it out alive," she said, recalling that she was worried someone would lose their life.

Burdin rushed to help those who had been hit while her friend and passenger, Alicia Darling, called 911.

Miraculously, no one was killed, and area first responders did not believe anyone was seriously hurt.

It was not immediately clear if that had changed by Wednesday.

According to a spokesperson for the Maine Department of Transportation, plow trucks that were treating the roads were in the vicinity of where the crash happened on Friday, but had not reached that location yet.

On Wednesday, the Franklin County Sheriff's Office said that there were no charges pending against Fanfan and no ongoing investigation.

The cause of the crash had been determined to be "a combination of the weather, the road conditions and the tractor trailer driver operating too fast for those conditions," the sheriff's office said.

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