Queen Elizabeth II

Wreath of Flowers Atop Queen's Coffin Held Special Connection to Prince Philip

Some were chosen for their symbolic meaning, but one in particular carried a personal connection to the Queen and Prince Philip


The wreath of flowers that sat atop Queen Elizabeth II's coffin Monday were carefully chosen for their special meanings.

According to Buckingham Palace, the wreath included:

  • Rosemary, which carries a meaning of remembrance
  • Myrtle, which is an ancient symbol of a happy marriage
  • English oak, which carries a symbolic meaning of love

The myrtle in the Queen's wreath was cut from a plant that was grown from a sprig of myrtle carried in her bouquet for her 1947 marriage to the late Prince Philip, according to the Palace. The couple were married for 73 years before his death in April 2021.

The flowers and foliage were cut from gardens at Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Highgrove House at the request of King Charles III.

Also in the wreath were scented pelargoniums; garden roses; autumnal hydrangea; sedum; dahlias; and scabious, all
in shades of gold, pink and deep burgundy, according to the Palace.

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