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Gail Huff Brown, Former TV Reporter and Wife of Scott Brown, Running for Congress in NH

Former Boston TV reporter Gail Scott Brown, whose husband, Scott Brown, was a U.S. senator in Massachusetts and ambassador to New Zealand in the Trump administration, announced her candidacy for the U.S. House in New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District, currently represented by Democrat Chris Pappas

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Republican Gail Huff Brown, a former broadcast journalist and wife of former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts, has announced her candidacy for New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District seat in 2022.

Huff Brown, a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump, said in a campaign ad that she's a "conservative working mom.

"I worry about the direction we're headed," she said in the ad.

The former WCVB reporter joins five other Republicans who have already declared their candidacies and seek to challenge incumbent Chris Pappas, a Democrat who is serving his second term. They are Karoline Leavitt, Tim Baxter, Matt Mowers, Julian Acciard and Gilead Towne.

Scott Brown was ambassador to New Zealand in the Trump administration, something political analyst Scott Spradling describes as a unique asset.

"Scott Brown could literally go out on the stump and draw a crowd and draw votes for his wife," Spradling said.

"The Scott Brown thing definitely helps her, I think," said Jennifer Egan of Londonderry. "I lived in Massachusetts when he was running and adored Scott Brown."

But Spradling says voters will want to see more from a candidate who spent the last four years and most of her life outside the state.

"The question is about relationships, 'Does she really have any in New Hampshire?'" Spradling said.

Supporters of Pappas say she doesn't.

"She's coming out of the blue, and she's not native here," said Kelly Upham Torosian of East Derry.

But many Republicans plan to give Huff Brown a chance.

"I would be interested in her, so I will do my homework," said Peggy Curran of Derry.

Nashua Republican City Committee member Di Lothrop thinks Huff Brown will be well received, especially if she can avoid running on her husband's coattails.

"She needs to talk about issues and what she's going to do for New Hampshire voters," said Lothrop.

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