Czech Republic Curler Rocks Curling Stone Earrings During Competition

Some Olympians can showcase more than just athletic talent


Is it possible to win an Olympic medal for fashion accessories? Probably not, but Czech Republic’s Zuzana Paulova will at least leave Beijing with some style points.

The curler strutted out wearing curling stone earrings during the mixed doubles competition at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Paulova went viral over the weekend for unique accessory and explained her fashion choice after the event:

Why did Zuzana Paulova wear her curling stone earrings?

Paulova said the earrings are representative of childhood memories as a young curler. She explained on social media that the Czech Republic junior curling championships were taking place at the same time as the Olympics, and so she wanted to pay show her support for the young curlers.

How did people react to Paulova’s style choice?

It’s a blast from the past for Paulova, but her fans of the present are raving about her style choices on the ice. Here are how some of her supporters expressed their liking for her quirky chic jewelry choice:

Even Peacock had to show their support for Paulova’s snazzy style.

Are athletes allowed to wear jewelry during competition at the Olympics?

Technically, the International Olympic Committee does not have a set rule that prohibits jewelry from being worn during competition. 

However, most athletes remove all jewelry for safety purposes. Sometimes a hit of high momentum, whether it’s tumbling down a slope or colliding in a hockey rink, can make wearing jewelry quite risky. 

There are many athletes besides Paulova that have donned accessories during the Games over the years, including U.S. gymnast Aly Raisman and U.S. swimmer Dana Voller, who wore earrings during competition at the 2012 London Games.

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