Tom Brady Loving the Florida Sun: ‘You Won't Catch Me Dead Living in the Northeast'

Even Brady's new offensive coordinator, Byron Leftwich, discussed how much the 43-year-old QB was enjoying the warmth

Brady slams the door on moving back to the Northeast originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Think back to Tom Brady's first-ever playoff win and his largest margin of victory in a New England uniform and there's one constant: snow.

Both the Patriots' Snow Bowl win over the Raiders and their 59-0 shellacking of the Titans in 2009 were played on snowy days in Foxboro, but now that he's taken his talents to Tampa, he's definitely enjoying the Florida sun.

And just like many other snowbirds who head to Florida later in life, it sounds like he's very happy with the decision -- and the warmth.

"The last couple of days have felt like early October mornings where I've been in the Northeast for a long time," Brady said Thursday afternoon in the wake of a recent cold spell in Tampa that dropped temperatures into the 40s. "I've been loving wearing a hoodie for a couple days, but it's amazing just to be at this point in the season and still be outside practicing.

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"I was a native Californian for a long time in my life, went away from it for about 25 years, and you won't catch me dead living in the Northeast anymore. I'm loving the warm weather, and it's been a great feeling."

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The quote makes total sense, considering Brady reportedly didn't warm to the possibility of playing in Chicago (pun definitely intended) when the Bears showed some interest over the offseason, narrowing his choices to Tampa and Los Angeles -- both warm-weather destinations.

And it's not just Brady discussing his love of the Florida sun. Even Brady's new offensive coordinator, Byron Leftwich, discussed how much the 43-year-old QB was enjoying the warmth earlier in the day.

As for that "you won't catch me dead living in the Northeast anymore" comment? It sounds like the California native means it.

According to the New York Post, Brady and his wife Gisele Bündchen are selling their New York City pad for almost $40 million (though they are downsizing to a smaller unit in the same building to maintain a property in New York). They're also selling their Brookline home, which was recently broken into.

Brady isn't totally done with the cold weather, however. The Bucs' 2021 road schedule includes games at the Jets, Eagles, and -- yes, the Patriots.

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