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Artist Covers Every Inch of Fla. Home in Aluminum Foil

One house on the block stands out from the rest.

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    Artist Covers Every Inch of Home in Aluminum Foil

    A Florida artist covers every inch of his rental house in aluminum foil to create a "chrome home," a work he hopes will give people a different perspective of contemporary art. (Published Tuesday, June 2, 2015)

    An artist in Florida decided to take his art-making out of the garage and onto light of day. 

    Piotr Janowski covered his home — including lamps, the mail box and electric meters — in aluminum foil, and he said because he wanted to push the boundaries of art. 

    "I just want to do something which will interest people, which will create a different perspective on how to look to the world or contemporary art," said Janowski. He also said he wanted to “make a contrast to this powerful nature around me,” reported NBC affiliate WFLA.

    Not all of his neighbors appreciated the new perspective. 

    “To me, he is defacing the property,” said one neighbor. “He’s got a piece of art in the garage…that he’s been painting and that should be the canvas.” 

    The foil will remain on his home for only a few weeks before the home reverts back to a regular house on the block.