Near-Nude Man Painted to Camouflage on Subway Train, New Yorkers Unfazed - NBC10 Boston

Near-Nude Man Painted to Camouflage on Subway Train, New Yorkers Unfazed

One person nearly sat on him, while other commuters were typically unfazed

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    Video of Man Painted to Camouflage With NYC Subway Goes Viral

    These photos and video of a man painted to camouflage with a New York City subway car, shot by the Instagram accounts Subway Creatures and MrNYCSubway, are going viral.

    (Published Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2018)

    What's more New York than almost sitting on a partially-nude man painted to camouflage into a classic subway cart? 

    That exact sight materialized on a G train last week thanks to painter Kori Moore, who spent four hours painting model Hardy Brooklyn to blend into an orange subway seat and a map of the NYC subway system last Thursday.

    The painting was rather convincing, apparently. "A lot of people, in true NYC fashion didn't give a s*** and payed us no mind," Moore said. "But the best compliment was when someone stepped in and almost sat on him."

    Moore, originally from Ohio but now based in Philadelphia, teamed up with the wildly popular Instagram account Subway Creatures for the living art piece. Photos of the spectacle were taken by photographer Dre Verrios of the Instagram account MrNYCSubway and a video was shot for Subway Creatures. 

    That video is now going viral on the Subway Creatures page, with more than 380,000 views.

    Moore says Subway Creatures asked them to collaborate after their first foray into body art -- painting a male model into a flower -- ended up on the account. Moore pitched the idea of camouflaging the model into a subway seat to celebrate the iconic New York City subway and its people.

    "A lot of the comments on the Subway Creatures' Instagram post were about how well he blended in. Which is great for a city where everyone wants to stand out," Moore said.

    "Also someone said [real New York] camouflage would have been black pants, jacket, sunglasses and ear buds with a phone to the face. This is a fun juxtaposition to that comment."

    See more of Moore's work here