Weather forecast

Cool End to Weekend Before Abundant Sunshine Monday

Scattered sprinkles and showers still expected.

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The dramatic change of air in New England behind Saturday evening’s cold front and associated thunderstorms is palpable. Dew point temperatures that measure the amount of moisture in the air have dropped from humid 60s to dry 40s. 

Even with the substantially drier and cooler air, scattered sprinkles and showers remain in the forecast -- although nowhere near as strong as Saturday’s storms.

It will be driven by the same atmospheric energy aloft that prompted yesterday’s storms, but devoid of the energy needed to become anything more than sprinkles, showers and perhaps an isolated embedded downpour from building, puffy cumulus clouds that are otherwise picturesque. 

A Sunday sea breeze will hold coastal community temperatures in the 60s Sunday afternoon, though inland -- particularly central and western New England where the chance of showers is quite low -- high temperatures will break 70. 

Skies clear Sunday night with low temperatures in the 40s and 50s, headed for a day of abundant sunshine Monday with highs in the 70s, even at the coast where a sea breeze likely waits until afternoon to kick up. 

Dry weather lasts through Wednesday as the wind gradually turns to blow from the south by midweek, bringing an incremental increase in temperatures each day, with daily sea breezes likely abating by Wednesday. 

An approaching disturbance Wednesday night and Thursday brings our next chance of scattered showers as the jet stream -- the fast river of air high in the sky that steers disturbances -- shifts over New England, raising the chance of showers again for the upcoming weekend. However, at this point it’s too early to deem any of these days a washout, with scattered showers or thunder the more likely outcome in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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