Cooler Air Takes Hold of New England

Winds will have an onshore component over the next few days, keeping temps cooler at the coast

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Well, the heat is out. And not just for the near term. Signs point to a cooler trend in the long range as well. Even when we warm up early next week, we’re not challenging records or melting under stifling humidity.

Winds will have an onshore component over the next few days. From the Seacoast of New Hampshire to the shores of Nantucket, temperatures will just make 70 degrees in some spots. Clouds are another story. They will come in tomorrow and stick around for the part of the weekend.

The clouds are not around for the solar eclipse this morning. If you’re reading this around the crack of dawn, then take a look outside (with the help of the proper glasses/protection). If you’re reading this after 6:30 a.m., well, you can catch the post-eclipse pics on our site.

The weekend’s not washed out – despite what the icons may APPEAR to show in the graphic.

We run the risk of a quick, passing shower on Saturday, then a greater chance for a storm on Sunday afternoon. Lots of dry times, and a bounce toward 80 (with a bit of humidity) for Sunday.

The front that triggers the storms Sunday will still be around Monday and Tuesday as well (slow-mover), so that extends the threat for storms through those days as well. Already seeing some “top ten days” late next week. Deep, blue skies, low humidity and long days. Can’t beat the lead up to the official start to summer.

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