Heat, Humidity to Drop This Weekend

Humidity won't be a problem starting Friday night

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What a way to start off the weekend. A cold front is pushing in right on time to allow for some beach weather Friday and a fall feeling to our mornings on Saturday and Sunday.

Friday afternoon has brought us dew points in the upper 60s to 70s, allowing for the heat index to rise into the upper 90s for cities in the far south. Martha's Vineyard also reached a heat index of 99, while the thermometer still indicates 88 — the dew point is 76.

Well, that humidity won't be a problem anymore starting Friday night. Our lows will be having a fun drop into the 50s in the far north, while in the south, we'll be waking up again to temperatures near the mid-60s.

Highs for this weekend will be ranging from the low 70s Saturday to the upper 70s on Sunday. Rain chances will be popping back up as we're getting ready to start off next week.

We'll be watching warmer digits, cloudy skies and scattered rain chances Monday that weaken significantly as get get to Tuesday.

We’re watching the weather for midweek as Hurricane Ida continues to strengthen rapidly in the Gulf of Mexico, headed towards Louisiana. Its storm surge could be ranging between 7-11 feet, bringing wind speeds of 120 mph, severe weather and devastating floods.

Much of the tropical moisture left across the south could be traveling across the east coast and end up in southern New England by midweek, which means that we could be watching for some increased rain chances across the region ourselves.

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