Mild Temps Make for Decent Holiday Travel

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As the big holidays draw near, there is no doubt many families might be having a meltdown. Obligations, schedules, lists, expectations -- they’re all laid out before us.

Mother Nature is right there with you, too. Her "meltdown" will send temperatures soaring Monday and banish the last vestiges of a white Christmas in southern New England. It wasn’t even a pretty blanket of snow either -- maybe well enough that things go back to brown.

Underneath bright sunshine, highs will top 50 degrees in many spots and even level off in the upper 50s in climatologically warmer spots west and southwest of Boston. 

More sun is coming for Christmas Eve as well, but a front sliding in from Quebec overnight into Tuesday will mean that our temperatures will float back down to Earth through Christmas Day. The normal high be at about 39 in Boston.

With this front nearby, the clouds will also be paying us a visit through the holiday. Nothing that would warrant any showers of rain or snow, so travel will be a sugar plum dream regionwide this year.

Long range, our next weather system is slated for Friday. Perhaps we could conjure up a few rain showers as it passes through in this relatively quiet weather pattern. And while we’re at it, the early look at New Year’s Eve on our 10-day forecast is also looking pretty tame.

Arctic air remains locked in the Yukon and Eastern Alaska, sparing us any brutal cold in the near term. Signals may shift in the second week of the new year, but for now, there doesn’t seem to be anything in the pipeline to refresh the snow pack or lock us in any long-term deep freeze.

Happy holidays!

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