Powerful Storm With a Deadly History Moves North

The storm responsible for deadly tornadoes in the South turns to New England

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The same, powerful storm that tore across the Southeast United States with deadly tornadoes is rounding the bend and headed north toward New England Monday. 

Here at home, our concern isn’t so much severe thunderstorms or tornadoes – though any thunderstorms that develop may cause damage – but rather the broad, damaging swath of wind expected to blow from the south. 

As the storm center responsible for this weather pulls north into southern Canada, the counter-clockwise flow of air around its center means a deep southerly wind through many layers of the atmosphere – from ground-level all the way up to the jet stream level, 30,000 feet in altitude! 

The deep southerly wind has brought moisture north – around an inch of rain with locally higher amounts is expected to fall Monday – along with warmth as high temperatures reach the 60s in southern New England and 50s elsewhere in New England. 

Transporting that warmth and moisture northward is a wind field gusting in excess of 60 mph both at the coast and inland across New England, leading to tree and limb damage and resulting power outages from around noon to about 8 p.m. 

During this time, power outages will compound and while not everyone will lose power, those who do may lose electricity for more than a day, particularly in rural areas and especially considering folks in interior Maine lost power Thursday evening in heavy, wet snow and still, Monday morning, 24,000 customers in Maine remain without power. 

For more on power outages and preparation, see our special web post focusing on power outage potential.  Winds will subside below damaging strength around 8 p.m. Monday with the clearing of the sky overnight Monday and a fair, breezy and pleasant day expected Tuesday. 

A few showers may graze southern New England Wednesday with the result for most of us from this passing disturbance being increased clouds, with another disturbance increasing our chance of showers again Friday. 

Right now, the weekend looks good for the most part – a storm system approaching Sunday may succeed in delivering rain showers by late in the day into the night, with at least some showers likely Monday. 

Most of next week – a week that was supposed to be April vacation for students but now… isn’t for many… looks to be just slightly cooler than normal.

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