Spring-Like Showers Arrive Ahead of Cool End to Week

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If you caught our morning show on NBC10 Boston or NECN you heard me say it: Winter is over.

Some hear that and translate it to mean, "not a single snowflake more." But of course, as New Englanders, we know spring snow is part of the equation.

In every sense, however, I see no way any type of bona fide winter weather can make a comeback considering the factors: we have a 10-day forecast that runs through March 12 and features highs in the 40s and 50s with only Saturday as an exception; the only chance of snow is Friday evening and night - if that; our March monthly forecast I aired on Monday shows above normal temperatures through the month; and the sun angle is increasing so quickly whatever snow does fall would melt within days.

Put all of this together and the translation is a clear "welcome to spring." Spring surely is in the air today as our Tuesday high temperatures around 60 for many may fall short of records for most, but will challenge the record high of 61 degrees in Boston, set in 1945.

A piece of energy breaking north from the deadly storms that spawned a tornado on Downtown Nashville, Tennessee, overnight Monday will deliver showers to New England, spreading from west to east during the late day and evening, creating patchy overnight fog and departing before dawn.

Wednesday brings wind - gusts to 45 mph as drier air moves in with some mountain snow showers but otherwise fair sky and temperatures in the 40s to around 50.

A breezy Thursday won't be quite as warm but still will feel like spring before a quick shot of cool air Friday through Saturday brings the possibility for cool rain showers during the day Friday, mixed with snow in the mountains, and perhaps some Friday night snow.

Even if snow falls, warm roads would limit travel impact in the southern half of New England and total snow accumulation on the grass would probably be no more than a coating to two inches… if the system comes together.

Thereafter, a cool and dry weekend yields to another shot of spring with highs back into the 50s and 60s next week in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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