Summertime Temps, Humidity Here to Stay

Beach weather is here to stay for a while with summertime temperatures projected through the rest of the 10-day forecast

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A few towns will continue to see a heat wave after highs in the 90s on Thursday.  We didn't cool off much overnight, and with the humidity, some fog rolled back in near the south coast. 

Highs for today will be around 90 inland, a tad cooler at the coast but still in the 80s along northern and eastern facing beaches. Beach weather is here to stay for a while. 

More highs in the 90s are expected Saturday, the first day of summer, and Sunday, Father's Day, with cooler temps at the coast. Overnight each night, there will be some fog that develops and rolls in along the southern New England coast, then the fog evaporates and retreats by the afternoons. Lingering clouds are possible in those spots, an indication the humidity is high.  

Starting this afternoon, we could squeeze out a pop-up storm or shower across the mountains. This is also the case for Saturday and Sunday, though most of us will stay dry.   

Next week there are a couple of cold fronts that try to move through the northeast, though the models have it washing out over New England. This means we may see some showers and storms for early next week, but they won't help to get rid of the heat or humidity. 

Another cold front around Thursday next week does the same thing but doesn't move completely through. Temperatures will stay very summer-like through the rest of the 10-day forecast.  

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