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3 Full-Body Exercises to Add to Your Workout Routine

The co-founders of LIT2LIFT share three full-body exercises to add to your routine.

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If you're looking for a new fitness routine to kick off 2023, you don't need an expensive gym membership.

Darren Stephens and Jonady St. Germain, co-founders of LIT2LIFT, explain that your own bodyweight is a great way to start.

They suggest three basic exercises that give you the most bang for your buck when done right.

3 Full-Body Exercises to Incorporate into Your Fitness Plan

  1. Squat  

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands in a neutral position (grasped in front, straight out in front, etc.), and drop the hips. Push through the heels and squeeze the glutes at the top.

  1. Push Up  

Place your hands under your shoulders and back neutral, engaging your core! Then, drop your chest to the ground with elbows pointing back at a 45-degree angle. If this presents too much of a challenge, drop your knees to the floor, keep your back neutral and drop to the floor. Be careful not to put your rear in the air or let your hips sink; keep your back neutral.

  1. Russian Twist

This tried-and-true movement engages your core. The progression calls for your feet to hover above the floor, core locked, and tap the ground side to side.

Watch above to see how the moves are done, along with how to add in modifications depending on your fitness level, as Darren and Jonady stop by The Hub Today.

LIT2LIFT was founded by Darren Stephens and Jonady St. Germain five years ago. With their strength, expertise, and positivity the duo is on a mission to make fitness accessible to everyone and bring content to those who are seeking to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

To get more workout ideas and inspiration follow them on social @LIT2LIFT.

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