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5 Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Top picks from The Toy Insider

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Of course, the presents under the tree are usually the biggest hit come Christmas morning, but what those stocking stuffers?

If you're looking for some unique tiny items that will get big reactions from your kids, Contributing Editor for The Toy Insider, Charlene DeLoach, shares some of the best super stuffers that will have your kids jumping for joy.

5 Unique Tiny Toys for Kids of All Ages This Holiday Season:

1. Rubik's Cube Phantom:
This isn't any old Rubik's Cube. This tiny toy revolves around the ability to touch, reveal and solve with its 'phantom' properties. With its thermochromic technology, the Rubik's Phantom has an innovative twist on the classic that allows the tiles to reveal their colors from the heat of your hands!

2. Kittens Vs. Gherkins: 
These itty-bitty kitties and sweet gherkins are the perfect plush stocking stuffer for any kid that's a fan of Cats vs Pickles Bean characters. The tiny Kittens vs. Gherkins toys are super soft, bean-filled, and fun to collect and trade with friends. There are over 20 to collect and are great for ages 4 and up.

3. Pop It! Pets: 
Pop It! Pets are the cute and collectible version of Pop It! that kids have come to know and love. These little pets come in holographic blind bags containing 17 different surprises inside. There's so much excitement that comes with this super stuffer with over 100 designs to discover.

4. Kanoodle Fusion: 
From Educational Insights, Kanoodle is a brain-busting game that just got more colorful with its illuminating game board and blendable game pieces that level up the difficulty. One of the perks of this tiny game is that it helps build critical thinking and problem-solving skills. For kids 7 and up.

5. PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar:
If you're looking to stretch the budget and provide tiny treats for your kids all month long, this toy-centered Advent Calendar is packed with excitement, without the sugar overload of typical Advent calendars. Once the kids have opened all the doors, they'll have a full holiday playset.

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Contributing editor of "The Toy Insider" Charlene DeLoach shares some of the trendiest holiday toys for your kids this season.
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