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Lab-Grown Meat: What Is It? How Does It Work?

Atelier Meats is working to create meat at Rutgers with the goal of helping climate change

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With climate change becoming a topline issue on so many fronts, some companies are looking for new ways to look at the way we create things.

We're not just talking about creative recycling. Some companies are looking into new ways to create food sources, including lab-grown meat.

Yes, lab-grown meat.

The people at Atelier Meats have teamed up with bioengineers at Rutgers University.

They say they can actually make meat in a lab, which will lower the amount of cattle needed and, as a result, the environmental impact caused by cows.

What is lab-grown meat? How does it all work? Can you grill it?

What are the expectations for it coming to market? The Hub Today's Maria Sansone interviewed the experts (above) and dives into the interesting and complex issue .

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