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Family of Molly Bish Wants New Investigators Assigned to Her Case

Heather Bish, Molly's sister, cites years of frustration, lack of communication and "tunnel vision" when it comes to persons of interest as some of the reasons for the request.

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The family of murdered lifeguard Molly Bish is demanding new investigators be assigned to the case decades after the horrible crime.  Molly’s family tells the NBC10 Investigators they’ve lost faith in Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. and his team.  Molly’s parents and sister, Heather, say they’re concerned the Worcester DA lacks the resources and isn’t pushing to use the latest technology to help solve Molly’s murder.

In a letter to District Attorneys across the state Heather Bish wrote, “I am writing to formally request the movement of my sister, Molly Anne Bish’s abduction and murder case from Worcester County to Hampden County Massachusetts. I understand this is an unusual request.”

Heather Bish cites years of frustration, lack of communication and "tunnel vision" when it comes to persons of interest as some of the reasons for the request.

The letter comes after years of heartache and living with the unknown. Molly vanished from her lifeguard post in Warren on June 27, 2000. Her killer has never been found. 

Two woman sit in a room looking at a letter one woman is holding
NBC10 Boston
Heather Bish, right, holds a letter she wrote requesting a change of investigators in her sister Molly Bish's case. NBC10 Boston's Kathy Curran looks on.

"I’m trying my hardest to find the person who killed my sister and I’m trying to work with the people who are educated and trained in this area. I’m also trying to bring any resource that I can in to support their work," Heather Bish said.

Frank Sumner was named a suspect in Molly’s murder last year but DNA tested so far hasn’t matched, leaving investigators unable to link him to the crime. Sumner is a convicted rapist who died in 2016.

Heather Bish says Worcester County investigators lack the resources and technology to solve the case. She’s asking them to use a private lab to test DNA and to speak with outside experts who have offered to help. 

"I’ve asked them to work with renowned DNA experts that are willing to talk to them and talk to them about what they’ve done for DNA tests and what could be done with what evidence we have. I don’t understand why that wouldn’t be something that would be valued in Worcester, not just for Molly’s case but there’s a lot of other unresolved cases."

Molly disappeared from Comins Pond in Worcester County but her remains were found a few miles away in the woods of Palmer which is in Hampden County, the county where the Bish family hopes the case will be moved. 

"I have a sister that I loved and she deserves to have justice and she deserves someone to fight for her," Heather Bish said.

A spokesperson for the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office said,  “The State Police continue to investigate the murder of Molly Bish. They have worked diligently and professionally on this case for the last 22 years. We have made several significant advancements in the case, including evidence that has led to a person of interest.”  They add that while they work to keep families informed unfortunately, they’re not able to accommodate every request for information to maintain the integrity of investigations.

Anyone with information about the Molly Bish case is asked to call the anonymous tip line at 508-453-7575.

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