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‘I Already Lost Them’: The World Reacts to Apple’s AirPods

People took to social media to scoff at the size and cost of the tiny wireless earphones

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    ‘I Already Lost Them’: The World Reacts to Apple’s AirPods
    This file photo from a Sept. 7, 2016, Apple product launch shows the new iPhone 7 and the new wireless earphones, called AirPods.

    At Apple’s product launch event Wednesday, the company confirmed what many had been speculating for months: The new iPhone 7 does not have a headphone jack. iPhone users who want to communicate and listen to things through their devices will have to purchase the company’s new wireless earbuds, the $159-per-pair AirPods.

    The ‘Pods will be available in October, and they’ll come with a small charging case, so users can juice up once their earphones' five hours of power run out.

    Aside from balking at the cost of the AirPods, people joked around, and expressed genuine concern, about their size, NBC News reported.

    The earphones are essentially the size of Apple’s current earbud product, but without the cord that has in the past kept users’ earphones physically attached to their larger devices. Humorous observations about how easy it will be to lose track of the tiny wireless earphones quickly sprung up around social media. One common joke was about already having lost the AirPods, even though they’re not yet available for purchase. 

    "I didn’t even get the AirPods yet, but I already lost them," journalist Joanna Stern tweeted.

    But it’s not just the cost and size that inspired the slew of jokes and memes.