Some Health Insurers Ending Waivers for COVID Treatment Fees

Waivers have meant substantial savings for COVID-19 patients who fall seriously ill and wind up in the hospital

United Memorial Medical Center ICU As Texas Becoming New Center Of Pandemic
Go Nakamura/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Just as other industries are rolling back some consumer-friendly changes made early in the pandemic — think empty middle seats on airplanes — so, too, are health insurers, NBC News reports.

Many voluntarily waived all deductibles, copayments and other costs for insured patients who fell ill with COVID-19 and needed hospital care, doctor visits, medications or other treatment.

Setting aside those fees was a good move from a public relations standpoint. The industry got credit for helping customers during tough times. And it had political and financial benefits for insurers, too.

But nothing lasts forever.

Starting at the end of last year — and continuing into the spring — a growing number of insurers are quietly ending those fee waivers for COVID-19 treatment on some or all policies.

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