What People in Mass. Think of a Possible Moderna Booster Shot

Moderna said it's likely people who received its COVID vaccine will need a booster shot by winter

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Moderna says it believes people who received two doses of its COVID-19 vaccine will need a third dose before winter as a booster shot.

The company, though, is still waiting on more data.

Taraza Funderburg received both Pfizer shots, and says she isn't jumping at the chance for a third shot, but would be open if she needed to.

"Get another one? Already? I just got fully vaccinated in April, so I'm not happy about that, but I'm on board," she said.

"I'm totally for shots, I'm totally for the pandemic to end, so I'm like, 'Whatever I need to get,'" said Gabby Cole in Dedham.

Massachusetts-based Moderna saying a third shot of its coronavirus vaccine will likely be needed by winter.

Early stage testing shows Moderna's booster candidate was effective against COVID-19 variants, including delta, the company said.

Dr. Robert Finberg is helping with Pfizer's booster trials at Umass Medical School. He says the trials are studying if the boosters protect against COVID and how long they last.

"We have to go with the data, and we'll find out shortly when we need this," he said.

Finberg also believes the boosters, if they are authorized, will be safe.

"The data suggests so far that it is safe. We haven't seen bad reactions to these booster shots, it's possible it's coming in the future," Finberg said.

Right now, there are no plans to reopen any mass vaccination sites in Massachusetts.

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