Former Brockton Basketball Star Killed in Shooting

A former Brockton, Massachusetts, basketball star was shot dead Thursday night. 

The body of 26-year-old Henry Vargas, of Brockton, was found in a car on Albert Street around 11 p.m. 

Vargas was a start basketball player for Brockton High School.

Another male victim was injured and taken to Brockton Hospital.

A neighbor who asked us not to identify him says he heard the shots ring out.

The windows of a Jeep were blown out by gunfire. That Jeep sideswiped the man's car.

"I heard many shots. I heard 8-10 shots," he said.

There was also another crime scene on nearby Louis Street. That is the spot where a man and woman were taken in by police.

There is no word from the DA's office about that scene and how it may be connected.

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