2 Stabbed at Popular Worcester Restaurant

Two people were stabbed Wednesday evening in a popular restaurant in Worcester, Massachusetts.

A man stabbed a woman inside O'Connor's, seriously injuring her, according to police. A second man was also stabbed while trying to help her.

Twenty-six-year-old Allen Corson Jr. had just sat down to dinner with his parents when they heard the woman scream. Corson jumped up and tackled the man, but he was stabbed in the thigh during the scuffle.

"I thought he was beating her up, a man beating up a woman. And so I grabbed for the arm, and one of the men say, 'Hey, I have one of the knives.' And that's actually the first time I had known he had a knife," Corson said. "As I'm down on the ground with the guy, you know, I just feel this sensation in ... my left thigh."

The male suspect, who has not been identified, was arrested in the parking lot.

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