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Cloudy and Cool With Chance of Showers for Some

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    Sun and Clouds, Chance Shower for Some

    Wednesday: Much cooler with sun and clouds, chance shower on the South Coast. Highs in the 60s, 50s coast. Overnight Wednesday: Showers in southern New England. Lows around 50. Thursday: Sun and clouds, chance shower. Highs in the 70s.

    (Published Wednesday, May 16, 2018)

    The front that ripped across New England late yesterday and last evening knocked out electricity to more than 100,000 customers at one point. This morning, a lot of communities are cleaning up from the severe thunderstorms.

    High pressure from Canada is bringing cooler and drier weather for today, but the front from yesterday has stalled the south of us. So while some of New England has sunshine today with a high temperature in the 60s, much of southern New England remains cloudy with a chance of rain returning to the south coast this afternoon.

    Wind from the northeast will keep parts of southern New England cool with temperatures only in the 50s today.

    It's a tough call for the weather tomorrow and into the weekend as we are going to have a front from Canada pushing to the south and a front from the middle Atlantic states pushing to the north.

    New England is mostly on the cooler side of the front, but the clash of air masses may result in more periodic rain late in the week into the weekend. Right now it looks like the driest weather will be in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, while southern New England may end up rather wet again by late Friday and into the weekend.

    If I had to pick a day this weekend that may be best I think it would be Sunday. But there is the potential for a few more inches of rain between now and then in parts of southern New England.

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