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TSA Workers Not Getting Paid During Shutdown Call Out Sick

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    TSA Workers Calling in Sick Due to Shutdown

    Hundreds of TSA officers have been calling in sick because they are not getting paid during the government shutdown. (Published Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019)

    The hustle and bustle at Boston Logan International Airport remain constant, but there are fewer TSA officers than usual and the lack of Transportation Security Administration officers is having an effect on travelers.

    “My mother actually left a bag at security this morning,” one traveler said.

    But when he came back to pick it up, TSA officers didn't give him the news he'd hoped for.

    “The good news is we have it. The bad news is we can’t get it, because of the government shutdown.”

    He says they told him because of the partial shutdown, there was no one able to get it.

    Hundreds of TSA officers have been calling off work sick. Since TSA isn't being funded, officers aren't getting paid.

    “People are not getting paid. And what incentive is there for them to do their job without a paycheck,” said another traveler.

    Officers are required to work without paychecks through the partial shutdown. Officers calling out sick could result in less travel safety.

    “I think they need to be back to work and do the job so that our safety and travel plans are in place.”

    Rusty Hutt, in town from Alabama, doesn't want her travel plans to be disrupted.

    “I don’t like long lines. I don’t want to be in jeopardy on an airplane of somebody who was improperly checked,” she said.

    But she thinks the congressional stalemate over budgeting should be resolved so it doesn't come at the cost of jeopardizing our safety.

    “Why the two can’t get together is shameful.”

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