Afternoon Shooting in Worcester Leaves 2 Injured

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Security cameras captured the moment gunfire erupted Wednesday on Main Street in Worcester, Massachusetts.

A man was shot on the sidewalk in the middle of the afternoon.

"I heard a bang," said Greg Creagh. "Next thing I know, I hear another bang. A kid come around the corner, grabbed a pole and fell on the ground."

The shooting took place on a block of small businesses that includes a restaurant, a barber shop and a salon.

One of the bullets shattered a salon window. Another smashed a parked car.

"I heard four loud explosions," said Ron O'Clair, who lives above the shooting scene. "Under my window, 'boom, boom, boom, boom,' that's what I heard."

The man who was shot could be seen limping, then staggering toward other people.

"He was like, 'I just got shot, I just got shot,'" said Creagh. "He ran over, grabbed his bag, he said, 'Someone, call the police, I just got shot.'"

When police arrived at the scene, they learned two people had been shot.

One victim had been driven to the hospital with serious injuries, and the other was placed in an ambulance at the scene.

He appeared to be handcuffed.

Police have not released any details about the circumstances leading up to the crime.

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