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An Insider's Look at Fenway's ‘Green Monster'

Fenway Park’s Green Monster is one of the prime spots to watch a Red Sox game in Boston, and it's packed with important pieces of the team’s history.

This 37.2-foot high wall offers a breathtaking view from left field and sports unique barstool seating with table space. Fans wait months to get a chance to sit on the Green Monster for the view alone (or to catch a home run ball.)

The wall sports one of the few manual scoreboards in America, which offers a bit of classic charm in a world of big screen televisions and digital effects. Employees within the wall have to work fast to pop in scorecards and keep up with the game’s progression.


In-depth news coverage of the Greater Boston Area.

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The wall's interior is also packed with history with signatures and messages left by some of history’s greatest athletes, musicians and other celebrities who have ventured inside. You can turn to any section of the walls inside this tiny space and see a piece of Red Sox history.

The Green Monster has gone through many changes, from its creation in the early 1900s to the seating destination it is today.

We took NBC10 Boston's lead sports anchor Raul Martinez to Fenway to talk to the man who runs the operations behind the scoreboard and the Red Sox historian who has the scoop behind the wall’s history.

Watch the video above to see why this should be at the top of any bucket list for baseball fans.

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