New Hampshire

Baby Bobcat Rescued From Burger King Roof in New Hampshire

Police in Stratham, New Hampshire, received an unusual call for a report of a bobcat cub on the roof of a fast-food restaurant

Burgers, fries... and bobcats?

Police received an unusual call over the weekend from the Burger King in Stratham, New Hampshire. The report: A bobcat cub was on top of the fast-food restaurant's roof.

New Hampshire Fish and Game was called in and helped safely remove the animal. Police did not say where the bobcat was taken.

"All in a day's work," Stratham police said on Facebook.

The department also shared several photos showing the furry feline in a tree, perched on the Burger King roof and also in a cage after its capture.

The Facebook post drew a number of comments from people who were both amazed and amused by the incident.

"The cub must have been so scared," Elizabeth Townes said. "I wonder where his mom was?"

"Adorable!" added Danielle Vezina.

"He wanted burgers!" joked Elisabeth Sherman. "They are carnivores."

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